Writing for Wellbeing & Self Awareness - 16 May & 13 June 2018






readwrite expressoffersworkshopsthatinvolve a core of writing for well-being.Other movement, breathing, visualisation and voice exercisesarealsowoven into the experienceto create a rich fabric of tools to help yourelease and relax and to help youfind meaning and direction in your life.

Using free writing related to a theme, as well as reading and discussing other written or visual resources, you areencouraged to express yourself, recover old memories and to find your way through writing choices quickly and fluidly.

Hearing yourself read your writing to others in asupportive setting can bring fresh insight toold ways of thinking or being. Participants enjoy making discoveries from their own writing and that of others.Writing is for self awareness and personal development as opposed to literary development.

To book for 16 May Changing your Tune - Click here

To book for 13 June Energising - Click here

The workshops are held at Mycenae House, SE3 7SE and run from 7.30pm to 9.30pm

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