Early morning writing workshops






Start your day with a burst of creativity!

Write & Shine runs a programme of writing workshops that embrace the inspirational power of the morning. Our sessions are open to everyone, whether you're new to writing, have some experience or simply want to enjoy an energising start to your day.

Writer Gemma Seltzer will guide you through the session, waking you up with words and energising you for the day ahead. The focus is on generating new writing, so won't be expected to share your work. There'll be quiet writing timeand good coffee provided, too!

Join us this May as we delve into new ideas, approaching the page with hope & optimism, because we believe that writing shows us new ways of imagining the world.

Weekday mornings at locations across London, including Thu 17 May, Fri 18 May & Wed 30 May.

Workshops are 19 including a light breakfast.

For further information and to book your place, please visit: www.write-and-shine.com

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